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Michele Bellisari

Michele Bellisari is the host of In The Hive | With Michele Bee a real estate and business podcast that has a side of social, a side of marketing, a side of life and a side of sass. Michele is a solo agent with REAL Brokerage in Boca Raton, big believer in niches, digital maven, midlife mom of millennials and lifestyle blogger. Grab your drink and get comfy while Michele interviews her guests on things she thinks you will love and that you can execute easily! If you want to hear trends and tips that will help you grow your business without buying leads and create a community brand that sets you apart from the rest of the businesses in your niche then tune in each week for new episodes! #sipsocialsell https://www.sipsocialsell.comInstagram: https://www.soooboca.comBuy or Sell: http://www.michelesellsboca.comHome Value: Home Search:

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