In The Hive | With Michele Bee

Ep 071 - Interview: Leverage One Piece of Content Into 22 Pieces | Melanie Galea

January 21, 2021 Michele Bellisari Season 3 Episode 71
In The Hive | With Michele Bee
Ep 071 - Interview: Leverage One Piece of Content Into 22 Pieces | Melanie Galea
Show Notes

Today I have top Canadian Realtor with RE/MAX, Melanie Galea, who is the founder of Discover Fort McMurray and a genius in regard to creating multiple pieces of content out of one video! 

If you struggle with creating content, she gives you great tips on how to leverage virtual open houses via video and then chunking it down to use on all of your social media platforms and more!

FYI...Melanie was a 2017 BombBomb nominee in the 4th Best Listing Tour Video category. Then again in 2018 in the Overall Category and 2019 for Top Video Influencers. She’s taught about video at the RE/MAX International convention in Las Vegas three times and is truly a wealth of content knowledge!

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