In The Hive | With Michele Bee

EP 076: Niching Down In Your Business | Why You Want To Do This NOW!

June 02, 2021 Michele Bellisari Season 3 Episode 76
In The Hive | With Michele Bee
EP 076: Niching Down In Your Business | Why You Want To Do This NOW!
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Niching down is something I learned to do 10 years ago in my business and I have never looked back! Too many agents throw a wide cast net working

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Lets talk about why niching down is important, why it works, how you can transform your business, how you will grow your business, how to find a niche market that is profitable and how to flip the switch from working with everyone to focusing on a real estate niche!
Begins Monday, June 7 - June 11, 2021


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Speaker 1:

Thanks for buzzing by in the high with Michelle B. I'm your host, Michelle, Balz sorry. I am the founder and editor of hashtags. So Boca lifestyle and a real estate agent and beautiful book Raton, Florida with real broker, LLC. I love to interview industry influencers and insiders on this show, as well as chat about all things, real estate marketing, social media, Instagram branding, content creation, you name it, things that are trending like clubhouse and more. So stay tuned. Please subscribe to the channel. And if you'd like to follow me on the socials, you can find me at that. Michelle B on tick-tock on Instagram and on clubhouse. You can also check out some blog posts on sip , social I am a huge fan of the niche. So you will find that I do chat about that quite frequently. I hope this helps you grow your real estate business. And don't forget. I have a group on Facebook called women to women in real estate. So I'd love to have you join that. If you're ready for today's episode, let's get started.

Speaker 2:

Hey everyone, it's Michelle B with today's sip , social sell sash in the hive, and I'm going to be talking a lot more on this podcast about niching down in your real estate business. I'm going to also be interviewing agents and professionals that have done an amazing job at niching and sub niching in their businesses. Now y'all know if you go through my podcasts, you will find the occasional podcast on why I think having a niche or niche in real estate is key to consistency and profitability in our business in particular, because of the nature of the market that we're currently in. It is a low inventory situation. Listings are hard to come by and everyone is somewhat doing the

Speaker 3:

Same thing. Now y'all know

Speaker 2:

I will preach this over and over again about taking the road less traveled, staying in your lane. If you go to my Instagram at the Michelle B, you'll see, I have some really good posts that are now a guide on niching your business. And you're probably thinking to yourself, well, Michelle, I don't even know what a Nisha is. I don't even know where to begin with a niche. I have no niche. So I thought what I would do is talk a little bit about that today, but also let you know that as of this recording, I'm going to be running a free challenge for niching down in your real estate business, June 7th through June 11th, 2021. And I'm going to be talking about all things niching in your business. And I believe that it starts with just knowing what your passions are, what your skill set is and what direction you want to go.

Speaker 3:

So in your business, now, I want to clarify that by saying, just because you niche down in your business doesn't mean you can't handle other aspects of real estate. I niched down, but I still have the occasional general real estate transaction that isn't in. One of my niches. I still will work with buyers typically by referral, not usually in my niches. So don't worry that you're going to lose business. What I have found over the many years that I've been doing niches in my business is I've actually grown my business and I've grown my business without spending as much on marketing because I'm not trying to market to the masses, I'm marketing to a specialty niche. So the difference is you can be a generalist in real estate. And I speak to the new agents who may be listening to this. And if you are friends with a new agent or you see a new agent in these groups that is trying to figure out how to do their business, please, please send them over to my podcast because I have really good tangible information. That's great for all levels of realtors. And I'm all about a shoestring budget. Um, when we started off in this business, we don't typically have a lot of money or a big nest egg. And I hear the stresses and concerns from , uh, agents in particular women, because I'm in a lot of groups , uh , that are women oriented groups for realtors on , uh , Facebook. And I see the conversations going on, but if you can have a specialist mindset versus a generalist mindset, and you start to understand Stan , why niching down actually can lead to a stronger bottom line in your business, you will grow your business. You'll get your time back, which is huge by the way. And I think you'll enjoy what you're doing more because you're going to be working with the same style and type of transaction consistently. Okay. If you narrow your focus right, then you're fine tuning what your services are. And specializing helps you reach people who are typically your ideal client, but also will end up being a longterm client because they will also send you referrals, whether it's within your niche or outside of niche, because you've helped them typically at a critical time in their real estate life. If that makes sense. The other piece of niching down is it cuts down on the competition. So if you are specializing in something that other agents are not, you're going to be that go-to agent, that people are going to reach out to over and over again, because of your knowledge, your skill set , your passion and consumers typically are looking for specialists. So there's a lot of different things that I'm going to be going over during this five day challenge. So if you want to sign up for it, you can go to sips , social, There is something just above the fold of the website, and you can just sign up for it. It's going to be a private pop-up Facebook group specifically for coming up with niches, for realtors and talking to you guys about the importance of it, how you can do it very quickly, how you can reinvent your business in under 30 days. And some of the things that I did back in 2011 and 12, that changed the trajectory of my real estate business. When I went from working with buyers, working with sellers, running all over the place, and I live in south Florida, and I'm based in Boca and I'm telling you, it was after the housing market crashed. And I was running up to west Palm. I was running down to south Fort Lauderdale, wherever I could get business, I was doing it and I was running myself, ragged, ragged, and I didn't have toddlers at home at the time, but I did have middle school, high school. So we had all of that going on, right. And a few other things that I will share with you guys when we get together during the challenge. And if you go ahead and sign up for it, you will get an email by the weekend and we'll get you all loaded into the group. And I'll be jumping on each day , uh, in the afternoons from three to four. So if you're on the west coast, it's not going to be early morning, east coast time or anything like that. And there will be a replay in the group of , um, these tips, strategies and , um, information that I hope will help you in regard to thinking outside the box and regard to niche examples for your real estate business. And if you're hardcore and wanting to stick on the buy-side , that's fine. I will be talking about some buyer niches, but I am truly a firm believer that you list to last, when you niche down, you completely change your business model. And even new agents can niche down and understand that. As long as they understand the business, they know the contracts, they can talk the talk and they can get sales under their belts. They can, they too, can you stay out? And it can, it can just be amazing. Um, so I hope I see you guys next week. I'm looking forward to doing this. It's a great way to kick off summer of 2021. And if you're listening to this any other time, stay tuned because you never know when I might have another one. Um , if you are a woman in business in real estate, please feel free to join women to women in real estate, my Facebook group, and follow me at the Michelle beyond Instagram. I'm so looking forward to doing this and I, I know those of you that have seen me speak or see my webinars know that I am a no fluff stone , so I don't want to waste your time with fluffy stuff. So I hope to see you next week, and please share this podcast with your friends. I will see you soon. And thanks again for joining in the hive with Michelle B and this hashtag sip social sell such have great day.

Speaker 1:

Thanks for joining us on today's episode of, in the hive with Michelle B, if you are interested in joining me as a guest, send me a DM on Instagram at the Michelle B. You can jump in on any of my clubhouse sessions, also at the Michelle B . I look forward to sharing more marketing branding, social media tips with you every month. And thanks again for sharing this podcast. If you like it, please feel free to give me a five star review on iTunes. I will see you soon.